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Empowering to Empower: Improving Livelihoods through Crowdsourcing

The Southeast Asia region is one of the fastest growing region in the world today. With rich natural resources, Southeast Asia has evolved into highly industrialised region, inviting investors from all over the world. The riches however, are not enjoyed by all. In the ASEAN Report 2017, close to 36 million of its population are still living below the international poverty line, with 90% of these people live in Indonesia or the Philippines1. Extreme poverty communities can also still be found in other ASEAN member countries.

Photo Credit: The Philippine Star – Extreme poor family in Philippines
Realizing that ASEAN’s greatest asset is its people, various initiatives were carried out under this sector mainly involve promoting community-driven activities and people-to-people interactions aimed at narrowing the income gap in the region. Today, it still remains relevant for ASEAN member states in their national capacity, to partner with private organizations to identify and finance povert…

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